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Value is built from the ground up

The Land Build Live team is about more than purchasing, reselling, building, and developing. We are value creators. We are peerless in the local area. Our team presides over a network of real estate professionals that take create strategies for buying and selling from the ground up. In addition to our network of, engineers, architects, and financiers, our team brings years of negotiation experience and success to every real estate transaction we touch. No other firm can handle all aspects of the new construction or resale transaction process while matching the decades long relationships we’ve established at Land Build Live. Our enhanced sales model allows us to maximize value for all parties, from sellers to builders and developers to buyers. The hundreds of lots and homes we’ve built, bought, and sold for our clients - over 400 in the past 10 years alone - have secured our reputation. Our formula for success is predicated on three distinct elements:

What we do for our buyers & sellers

Land: We know what you may not. Our team is the connection between land/lot owners and qualified, reputable home builders/developers. We are well-versed in evaluating lots and maximizing their potential from either a buyer or seller perspective in accordance to the ever-changing real estate market.

Build: You don’t know what you don’t know - but that’s OK. Building from the ground up is new to almost everyone. Our team’s decades of experience mean we’ve seen it all. We are prepared to address even the most complicated question that can arise when selling, developing or building on a parcel of land or lot, thanks to our unmatched local expertise. 

Live: Today, purchasing and selling decisions are based on far more than the final sales price. That’s why our team understands that ultimately the most important element at play is a effortless transaction through to the end result. Understanding construction principles, material quality, and craftsmanship helps us guide our buyers and sellers to the ultimate market value of the property. With over three decades of experience as Realtors, we’ve honed our  process to efficiently match the right buyer with the right seller, and vice versa.

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